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Emergency Gas Repair in San Mateo

Oro Pro Plumbing was recently called out to a home in San Mateo experiencing a gas leak. PG&E had already been contacted to shut off the gas line. It was our job to pinpoint the exact locations of the leaks and repair them safely. This project was to prove more challenging than anticipated, but it was exactly the kind of job at which Oro Pro Plumbing excels.

Repairing older piping

The first complication was the piping. Like many older homes in the area, this property contained galvanized piping with threaded joints. This type of piping requires the technician to go from joint to joint to locate the location of the gas leak. Older pipes can also be very fragile and fracture at the slightest vibration. The second complication was that the piping was largely hidden behind sheetrock or under the subfloor. We would need to cut through these layers to access the galvanized piping. Through careful, deliberate testing, we were able to locate and repair the gas leaks without incurring any damage to the galvanized piping.

What to do if you suspect a gas leak

If you suspect there’s a gas leak in your home or workplace, take that concern seriously. Contact PG&E or a certified plumber with a C36 license, which indicates the technicians know how to work on gas lines safely. Not every plumber has this certification, so be sure to check for it when contacting a professional.