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Emergency Water Heater Replacement in Palo Alto

We recently had a call from a property manager in Palo Alto about a leak in their laundry room. Our technician determined that the leak originated with the complex’s commercial hot water heater. That was the easy part. The hard part would be making the replacement.

Not the typical laundry room

This laundry room had an unusual history. The previous owners of the complex had built the room around the water heater and laundry units. Unfortunately, they made the door opening too small for the large commercial water heater to fit through. We told the property manager that we would need to cut the door frame and enlarge the opening by several inches to remove and replace the water heater. The manager understood this was a necessary step, and thankfully we had the tools on hand to widen the doorway.

No impact on tenants

Despite the initial complications, Oro Pro Plumbing was able to replace the commercial water heater in about half a day. By the time the complex’s residents got home from work, the hot water was up and running. In fact, most residents were not affected all.