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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Over time, your home’s drain lines accumulate grime, hair, food, sediment and other matter, which can gradually create blockages. If you have a blocked drain line, don’t rely on store-bought drain cleaner to solve the problem—this will only provide a short-term fix at best. What’s more, drain cleaning products can damage your pipes and bring potential safety risks. A better solution is to call a plumbing company that can provide professional-grade drain cleaning services. Oro Pro Plumbing is adept at solving drain problems and has the equipment to handle all types of situations.

The most common plumbing tools used for drain cleaning are the sewer snake and the hydro jetter. A snake is a flexible auger that bores a hole through the drain line to clear the obstruction. A hydro jetter is a machine that clears drain lines with high-pressure water and different attachable heads. Based on the nature of your issue, your Oro Pro Plumbing technician will determine which drain cleaning method is best.

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Snaking equipment for any job

Oro Pro Plumbing has a wide range of snaking equipment to use for specific plumbing issues.

  • ¼ inch snaking cable is mainly used for bathtub drains and lavvy sinks.
  • 3/8inch snaking cable is mainly used for kitchen sinks, floor sinks, floor drains or any 2” diameter that needs clearing.
  • Main line machine is mainly used for pipes around 3 to 4 inches in diameter or for main sewer line drains where all branch lines tie into the main sewer.
  • Hydro jetter is mostly used in commercial setting however, it may be recommended in residential settings if there is grease build up, pipes are corrosion, soft stoppage etc. it also holds a longer warranty. We also have multiple jetters that can clean 1 ½” – 6” in diameter in order to get the job done right.
  • Video inspection equipment is available to see if there is a bigger issue at hand.  Also, it can inform you the existing material or condition of the drainage pipe. Lastly, we are able to accurately locate the route of the existing line.