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Whether you have a sewer line blockage or need to replace a damaged section of pipe, Oro Pro Plumbing has the tools and expertise to handle the job. We utilize sophisticated video inspection equipment to locate and diagnose sewer line problems. We then use this information to determine the best solution for the situation.

When it comes to sewer line replacement, we use the trenchless method whenever possible. This innovative method enables us to replace a large section of pipe without having to excavate its full extent. Instead, we only need to dig two small holes—one on either side of the pipe. We then utilize a pipe-bursting machine that breaks apart the old pipe while simultaneously pulling through a brand new line. This new line is composed of a flexible, durable material that’s impervious to leaking or breakage. By substantially reducing the need for excavation, trenchless sewer line replacement saves homeowners time, money and hassle.

To clear a sewer line, we typically utilize the exterior clean-out, which is usually located just outside the home. Since a clean-out provides direct access to the sewer lateral without requiring us to enter the home, this is the easiest way to perform the job. However, not all homes have sewer line clean-outs. If this is the case, we’ll need to bring equipment into the home and pull up one of the toilets to access the line. In either case, your Oro Pro Plumbing professional will utilize the best method available to clear the obstruction.

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