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How Restaurants Can Save Money On Plumbing Repairs

Broken plumbing in a restaurant results in a broken restaurant! Good business practice means keeping to a plumbing maintenance program.


Few kitchen sinks are busier than those you’ll find in a bustling restaurant. If any of those sinks start to clog or malfunction, it can cause problems up and down the line. Finding a qualified commercial plumber to handle an emergency situation during the Saturday night dinner rush will likely be costly and inconvenient for your employees and patrons. But there’s a way restauranteurs can help prevent plumbing issues in the first place.

Plumbing maintenance programs for restaurants

Restaurants need their sinks, disposals, faucets and drains to operate perfectly. But due to the volume of food, fats and other materials that get into the pipes, it’s usually just a matter of time before plumbing problems arise. Additionally, while restaurants can set rules for employees, there’s little they can do to control how patrons use the restrooms.


Oro Pro Plumbing helps restaurants and other commercial clients avoid problems before they start by offering regular service packages. Every three, four or six months (depending on the needs of the clients), we’ll snake and hydro-jet all drains and plumbing lines. This will prevent the incremental buildup that leads to clogged drains or worse.


Plumbing maintenance programs for restaurants offer convenience, too. It’s easy for us to come to the location before opening hours to service the drains. This service will have virtually no impact on restaurant employees or patrons. From our perspective as plumbers, it’s also much easier to work on a drain with a low amount of buildup, rather than a drain that’s dangerously obstructed or already overflowing. With our maintenance package, we can come in and perform the work quickly and easily.


Perhaps most importantly, regular plumbing maintenance is a good investment. You’ll soon find that the maintenance package is cheaper than what you’ll inevitably spend on emergency plumbing services. Additionally, you can rest assured that Oro Pro Plumbing’s regular services meet the highest professional standards.

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