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Throughout the years, the team at Oro Pro Plumbing Inc. has seen quite a lot in terms of plumbing problems. From minor repairs to major replacements, we’ve handled it all with confidence and precision. With every job we tackle, we gain more experience and deeper insight into plumbing systems and the problems they encounter. Our San Mateo & Redwood City plumbers have proudly helped countless home and business owners get the solution they need, when they need it.

Check out some stories about our past projects below and then reach out to us at (650) 291-6376 to schedule your plumbing service in Redwood City.

Past Project: Gas Leak Repair in San Mateo

Oro Pro Plumbing Inc. was recently called out to a home in San Mateo that was experiencing a gas leak. PG&E had already been contacted to shut off the gas line. It was our job to pinpoint the exact locations of the leaks and repair them safely. This project proved more challenging than anticipated, but it was exactly the kind of job at which Oro Pro Plumbing Inc. excels.

Repairing Older Piping

The first complication was the piping. Like many older homes in the area, this property contained galvanized piping with threaded joints. This type of piping requires the technician to go from joint to joint to locate the location of the gas leak. Older pipes can also be very fragile and fracture at the slightest vibration. The second complication was that the piping was largely hidden behind sheetrock or under the subfloor. We would need to cut through these layers to access the galvanized piping. Through careful, deliberate testing, we were able to locate and repair the gas leaks without incurring any damage to the galvanized piping.

What to Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak

If you suspect there’s a gas leak in your home or workplace, take that concern seriously. Contact PG&E or a certified gas leak plumber in San Mateo with a C36 license, which indicates the technicians know how to work on gas lines safely. Not every plumber has this certification, so be sure to check for it when contacting a professional. Or just give Oro Pro a call and we’ll confidently handle it.

Seeking assistance with a gas leak in San Mateo, Redwood City, or the surrounding areas? Reach out to us today at (650) 291-6376 for fast, reliable service.

Past Project: Water Heater Replacement in Palo Alto

We recently had a call from a property manager in Palo Alto about a leak in their laundry room. Our technician determined that the leak originated with the complex’s commercial hot water heater. That was the easy part. The hard part would be making the replacement.

Not the Typical Laundry Room

This laundry room had an unusual history. The previous owners of the complex had built the room around the water heater and laundry units. Unfortunately, they made the door opening too small for the large commercial water heater to fit through. We told the property manager that we would need to cut the door frame and enlarge the opening by several inches to remove and replace the water heater. The manager understood this was a necessary step, and thankfully we had the tools on hand to widen the doorway.

No Impact on Tenants

Despite the initial complications, Oro Pro Plumbing Inc. was able to replace the commercial water heater in about half a day. By the time the complex’s residents got home from work, the hot water was up and running. In fact, most residents were not affected at all.

Our Redwood City & San Mateo water heater team can solve all your problems. Contact us!

Past Project: Sewer Line Replacement in San Bruno

A routine call from a regular customer turned out to be a much bigger project than anyone anticipated. Our technicians arrived at the residence to clear a backed-up sewer line. But they soon realized that the sewer line wasn’t blocked—it had collapsed. We dug down to reach the sewer line and then discovered another problem: the sewer line was made of Orangeburg, an older piping material made of pitch and tar that will inevitably warp over time. This meant that the entire sewer line would need to be replaced. On top of that, a water line broke as we repaired the sewer.

When Small Projects Turn into Big Projects

Our San Mateo plumbers were sensitive to the fact that this was a larger project than the homeowner imagined when he first made the call. As we do with all clients, we walked the homeowner through the scope of the work as the project changed. We made sure that they understood that we would apply charges for labor completed at earlier stages of the project and grant discounts where available. It’s important for Oro Pro Plumbing Inc. that our clients feel that they’re being charged fairly for honest work.

Fortunate Timing

The homeowner was happy the sewer problems occurred when they did. He was planning to do extensive landscaping work that spring, and if the sewer line collapse had occurred a year or two later, that new yard would have been destroyed. In the end, the homeowner was grateful.

The Oro Pro team can handle all your plumbing problems in Redwood City, San Mateo, and beyond. Just give us a call at (650) 291-6376 to request a service! We look forward to serving you.

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