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Unusual Drainage Problem in San Bruno

A routine call from a regular customer turned out to be a much bigger project than anyone anticipated. Our technicians arrived at the residence to clear a backed-up sewer line. But they soon realized that the sewer line wasn’t blocked—it had collapsed. We dug down to reach the sewer line and then discovered another problem: the sewer line was made of Orangeburg, an older piping material made of pitch and tar that will inevitably warp over time. This meant that the entire sewer line would need to be replaced. On top of that, a water line broke as we repaired the sewer.

When small projects turn into big projects

We were sensitive to the fact that this was a larger project than the homeowner imagined when he first made the call. As we do with all clients, we walked the homeowner through the scope of the work as the project changed. We made sure that they understood that we would apply charges for labor completed at earlier stages of the project and grant discounts where available. It’s important for Oro Pro Plumbing that our clients feel that they’re being charged fairly for honest work.

Fortunate timing

The homeowner was happy the sewer problems occurred when they did. He was planning to do extensive landscaping work that spring, and if the sewer line collapse had occurred a year or two later, that new yard would have been destroyed. In the end, the homeowner was grateful.