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Gas Lines

Gas Lines

If you are doing a remodel, moving a gas appliance or updating, you may need to reroute or install a new gas line, our professionals at Oro Pro Plumbing will determine this when visiting the site. We take the necessary precautions in order to execute the job in a safe manner. For example, we perform gas pressure tests as well as properly strapping the gas line for extra security and it is code (we also pull permits accordingly). If you ever encounter a gas leak we have the proper equipment and training to detect the leak and repair it.

Gas lines come with complications that Oro Pro Plumbing is ready to handle by using gas leak detection methods. Spot repairs, new installations, or rerouting are apart of what we do and what makes us different. Some plumbers do not have the capability to take on a serious job dealing with gas, however, with our fully trained team, know that you are safe and protected by using us to service your gas lines.

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